Iron is an essential mineral for various processes in the body, including the production of certain hormones, haemoglobin, and myoglobin. Haemoglobin and myoglobin are both proteins critical for oxygen circulation inside the body. Haemoglobin is located in red blood cells and carries oxygen around your body, while myoglobin is attached to the muscles and provides them with oxygen.

An improper oxygen circulation leads to issues in energy conversion, cell growth, and reproduction. Extreme fatigue, weakness, paleness, and dizziness are only some of the symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia, a condition caused by low iron levels in the body.

While iron is present in many foods, including various types of meat, liver, eggs, spinach, and beans, over one-third of the world’s population is iron deficient. Iron loss through sweat, blood loss, and intestinal shedding make menstruating women more likely to suffer from iron deficiency. Some other groups at risk of iron deficiency are those diagnosed with digestion issues and those following a plant-based diet.

Its critical roles make iron an essential part of our daily supplements for women and men, with more iron in the Daily Essential Women to meet female iron requirements. Here we will discuss iron benefits, its role in our diet, and iron supplementation.

The benefits of iron on energy production

Due to the role oxygen plays in energy conversion and cell production, growth, and repair, iron levels can enhance your energy levels. Suboptimal iron values are often accompanied by symptoms of fatigue and tiredness.

Furthermore, low energy levels may lead to irritability, cognitive dysfunction, and the inability to concentrate. Almost everyone feels less tired and more energized with Sanbera since all nutrients work together to contribute to higher energy levels.

Iron, muscles, and athletic performance

Oxygen is the core fuel to all metabolic activities, and it cannot be well distributed in our body if myoglobin and hemoglobin production faces issues. As we exercise, our heartbeat rises to increase the blood flow and oxygen circulation in the body to keep up with the pace of metabolic activities and the intensified need for oxygen.

Low iron values can lead to extreme fatigue, dizziness, and muscle strain when we exercise. Muscle weakness is a common symptom of anemia, not only a concern of athletes but anyone doing everyday tasks. Adequate iron levels boost your muscles, making them stronger and reducing the chances of tissue inflammation and pain during physical activity.

In our Daily Essential Women and Daly Essential Men supplements, iron is blended with calcium and magnesium to maximize endurance while minimizing injuries.

The prevention of blood clots and bruises

Iron-deficient and those with anaemia are more likely to get bruised. While muscle weakness can cause more accidents and lead to more bruising, the lack of haemoglobin also affects the production and function of platelets that regulate blood clotting in the first place.

It is not only an iron deficiency causing bruises but several deficiencies combined. The vitamins C, A, and B complex in our daily supplements boost the healing pace and power of the body while strengthening the skin and muscle tissue to make injuries less likely.

Natural detoxification

 As iodine, iron helps our body to identify and neutralize potential toxins. This includes both the toxins created inside our bodies and the environmental ones. Scientists believe that eating iron-rich foods and supplementing with iron helps improve the detoxification power of the body.

 Strong immune system

Various factors impact our immunity, and iron levels are involved in many of them. The weakness caused by iron deficiency is a sign of a weakened immune system. Proper metabolic activity and energy levels depend on our iron adequacy and create the foundation of a well-functioning immune system.

Moreover, if your body is busy fighting off toxins, it will have more difficulty fighting viruses and bacteria. When an organ faces an infection or any other kind of problem, it needs steady oxygen income to keep on fighting. Iron can boost the healing speed of damaged cells and other organs battling concerns.

All the various aspects of modern living make immune system strength a big concern for Sanbera. While population density and the city environment expose us to several viruses and diseases, our supermarket diets weaken our immune systems. Sanbera approaches this issue by nourishing and creating a robust foundation for our health. Zinc, vitamin C, and the luxury grade B vitamins in our supplements are only some of the nutrients that boost your immunity.

Iron benefits for men

Optimized energy levels, natural oxygen circulation, and healthy immune function are impossible without iron. Regardless of gender, the amount of iron in your diet affects you from head to toe. Luckily for men, without the monthly menstrual blood loss, they are less likely to be iron deficient than women.

The iron in our Daily Essential Men, combined with vitamins D, A, and B complex, helps fight fatigue and improve cognitive function. On top of iron benefits on low mood and tiredness, the stress-relieving properties of magnesium and B vitamins help brighten up your mood.

Paired with calcium, the iron in our supplements can reduce the risk of injuries and support your joint and muscle density. All of these benefits combined lead to an improved immune system and overall health status after a while with Sanbera.

Iron benefits for women

Menstruating women are candidates for iron supplementation because of the monthly blood loss. The risk of iron deficiency is higher in those who follow a vegan plant-based diet and women with digestion problems, which may make iron harder to absorb.

Our Daily Essential Women supplements include almost twice as much iron as the daily formula for men to fit the higher iron requirement in women. Besides iron as one of the core indicators of energy levels in women, our daily supplements include vitamins D, B2, B6, and B12 to improve energy levels and make up for extended indoor times.

In Sanbera daily supplements, the vitamins A, E, B12, and niacin work together with magnesium and iron to boost nerve and cognitive function. We use iron and calcium to improve muscle strength and support joints and bone density.

Diet and absorption

While iron is abundant in various food sources, it is hard to break down and absorb. A healthy body normally absorbs 18% of the available iron in a typical western diet and 10% of the available iron from a vegetarian diet. But the amount of iron we absorb can be more or less than that,

There are two types of iron in our diet; haem, and non-haem iron. Haem iron is found in animal tissue, including various types of meat, chicken, and fish. Haem iron is especially abundant in offal products such as the liver and kidney and is more easily broken down and absorbed by the body.

Non-haem iron can be found in all many food sources, including animal tissue, animal-based products, and plant-based foods. It is also possible for certain food products, such as cereals and whole grains to be fortified with iron.

If you follow a plant-based diet, you might need twice as much dietary iron as non-vegetarians. Some plant-based iron food sources are broccoli, spinach, raisins, nuts, dried apricots, seeds, and various beans.

You can increase your iron absorption by avoiding certain foods and consuming some others together. For example, squeeze some lemon on your spinach, as consuming vitamin C-dense foods with iron-dense ones improves iron absorbency.


Iron deficiency anemia is an issue, especially for menstruating women or anyone following a plant-based diet. While nutritionists believe it is possible to consume the required iron values through only plant-sourced foods, it may not be attainable to everyone.

Moderate iron supplementation is an accessible alternative that can prevent deficiencies. The iron in our daily supplements is paired with carefully chosen essential nutrients to attain the highest levels of bioavailability.

Sanbera is the ultimate solution to the concerns and issues of the modern diet. Each supplement is created to fit the specific needs of your gender and operates in two daily and nightly phases to bring you a more rewarding rest and a brighter day.

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