Natural detoxification

Natural detoxification with Sanbera supplements

It is nothing but a myth that excessive detox programs and green juice diets are a requirement for maintaining your health status. In optimal circumstances, a healthy body is well capable of detoxifying itself from harmful elements and toxins without the need for additional steps. Natural detoxification is constantly happening in the background, as it is now that you are reading this article.

However, conditions can be improved to optimize detoxification. Furthermore, the increase in harmful chemicals and environmental pollution has led many to pursue ways to boost their body’s detoxification abilities.

The truth is our bodies are now more overwhelmed with toxins than ever. Studies show that there are currently more than 287 harmful chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of a new-born. Imagine the struggle our bodies face detoxifying themselves as adults when this is the number of toxins one begins their life with.

When the detoxifying organs fail to keep up with the pace of the modern world’s toxicity, toxins will build up and cause various diseases and conditions, from hormonal issues to cancer.

Sanbera believes in natural, accessible, and simple solutions, and the natural detoxification steps in this article are all those. We will explore these detox tips after discussing detoxification and the responsible organs.

What is detoxification?

 Like any other machine burning fuel, our body has a residue that needs to get disposed of. To function and process, we need materials like food, water, sunshine, and oxygen, but there are irrelevant substances that need to be transformed before we can even get rid of them. Detoxification is the natural process of removing these unwanted materials and the various environmental toxins we face.

Some toxins include heavy metals, UV radiation, environmental pollutants, and internally produced toxins such as neurotransmitters, hormones, and free radicals.

We have never been surrounded by such an amount of self-inflated pollution as we are now. Most of the toxins we are exposed to have only been around for less than 70 years. According to the record of The Environmental Protection Agency, over 86000 chemicals are currently in the environment. The safety of these chemicals is not well supervised, and their effects on health and the environment are mostly overlooked. Therefore, the detoxification process and what you can do to enhance yours is worth considering.

Liver, kidneys, and the other detoxifying organs

 The liver, kidneys, and colon are the primary detoxifying organs, which cleanse the body with the help of the lungs and the skin. Therefore, it is only logical that most detoxifying methods focus on supporting these organs or protecting them from further exposure to toxins.

The liver is the true star of the detoxification process. It transforms waste products into water-soluble compounds it gets rid of with the cooperation of the other organs through urine, breathing, sweating, and the bowel.
Keep in mind that detoxification is only one of the many tasks the liver has to deliver daily. As the body’s leading filtration system, it cleanses the blood, eliminates waste, and metabolizes nutrients. If the liver is worn down due to constant exposure to harmful toxins, which is not uncommon, you will face issues in the immune function, storing vitamins, and protein production.

Whether the unwanted materials come from alcohol, processed food, or medication, the liver cleanses them by using enzymes and oxygen to prepare them for removal and then disposing of them through bile, stool, and urine.

Meanwhile, the kidneys control your body’s mineral balance, regulate hormone discharge, support proper PH balance, fight against urinary bacteria, and more.

Along with their various other properties, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, B vitamins, and iron in our Daily Essential Women and Daily Essential Men supplements serve to nourish and support liver and kidney health.

Detox and sleep

 While your body is out to explore during the day, night-time is its premier time for rest. As we sleep, our body puts down its defences and focuses on cleansing and healing. When sleeping, your body resembles a plumbing system opening up, allowing healing fluids to flow through it, including the brain cells.

Sleep is essential for the detoxification of the brain. In the slow-wave stage of sleep, the space between the brain cells increases, and the damaging molecules associated with inflammation and neurodegeneration are flushed out.

Research proves that sleep is vital for preventing neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, as the protein associated with it decreases without sufficient sleep.

Furthermore, sleep hormones slow down your breathing and relax your muscles, causing the blood flow and the absorption of oxygen and nutrients to increase. That is just why the duration and order of your sleep and nourishment directly affect your body’s detoxification.

Eating for detoxification

 Certain foods and nutrients are famous for their detoxifying abilities, and detoxifying diets and fasting methods have been around for Millennials.
While the debate on the efficiency of these detox diets and fasting methods seems to never end, the detoxifying abilities of certain superfoods, such as acerola and green tea, have been proven.

Sanbera is a solution to the shortcomings of the modern lifestyle. While an inclusive and diverse diet has many necessary nutrients to feed, nourish, detoxify and heal your body, most diets are incomplete.

The second phase of the Sanbera system focuses on fighting against toxins and repairing the body while you rest. That is why our Nightly Reload Women and Nightly Reload Men include superfoods such as green tea and acerola.


 Antioxidants are our body’s soldiers in the fight against free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that are the harmful by-products of the body’s normal processes. Because of their reactive nature, these free radicals steal electrons from other cells in oxidation.

If the free radical to antioxidant ratio is not balanced, oxidative stress occurs, speeding up the aging process and leading to diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative conditions. The antioxidants fight free radicals, so the internal cleaning mechanism keeps functioning smoothly.

All our formulations include potent antioxidants, such as vitamins E, beta-carotene, and C, in the highest bioavailability.

Vitamin C

You may have heard of vitamin C flush, a detoxification method in which the body is cleansed with high amounts of vitamin C. While you may not be planning to do a thorough messy detox program, you could still benefit from the cleansing properties of vitamin C.

Although primarily famous for its immune system-boosting properties, vitamin C is essential for the detoxification of heavy metals and bowel health. As a potent antioxidant, vitamin C helps our body neutralize free radicals and prevent cell and DNA damage. Low vitamin C levels may also lead to congestion and the liver’s inability to process and flush out toxins.

On top of all that, vitamin C is famous as a powerful energy booster, which helps you to perform at your absolute best.

All Sanbera supplements include vitamin C from its best-known source, Acerola, handpicked from a leading certified organic farm in the US. Besides how it benefits your energy levels, immune system, and skin, it even helps you sleep better at night. To boost your detoxification with vitamin C while you rest, you can accompany our Nightly Reload Women and Nightly Reload Men supplements with a cup of lemon water or lemon tea in the evening.

Acerola cherry

 Although its antioxidant properties are visible through its gorgeous red skin, acerola is the most potent source of vitamin C. It is famous for promoting the digestive system, our number one detoxification plumbing system.

The miracle cherry has been used for millenniums in traditional medicine to treat diarrhoea, stomach pain, and liver dysfunction, and experts especially believe in its ability to decrease gut inflammation.

Acerola creates the base for all of our daily and night-time formulas.

Black elderberry and cranberry

Archaeologists have discovered remains of these berries in historical sites going back to the stone age, and the earliest medical notes on the detoxifying abilities of elderberry are from 400 bc. This means that these fruits have been part of human medicine and diet for a long time and for good reasons.

While the two superfoods cleanse your colon of harmful toxins, their antioxidants neutralize and fight against free radicals. Black elderberries decrease colon inflammation, which helps in preventing colon cancer, and cranberries clean out the lymphatic system, allowing the kidneys and bladder to flush out all that is unneeded.

Cranberries are also known to boost the immune system and help the body fight off infection and diseases.

Black elderberry in our Daily Essential Women and cranberry in our Nightly Reload Women further protect and improve your digestive and lymphatic systems.

Green tea

Arguably the most famous remedy for detox, green tea is another key ingredient in our Nightly Reload Women and Nightly Reload Men. Green tea is dense with potent antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamin B2, beta carotene, and catechins.

It increases blood circulation and directly affects your metabolism, allowing you to eliminate harmful toxins more efficiently. Furthermore, research proves that green tea improves sleep quality and helps with stress: two vital factors when it comes to immune system strength and the elimination of toxins. Even if you prefer to avoid green tea before bed because of its caffeine, a cup of green tea during the day goes a long way in clearing out cellular debris, decreasing stress, and enhancing your sleep.


 Iodine is a known detoxifying mineral, and scientists discover new toxins and diseases it manages every now and then. While it is most famous for its use against radioactive pollution, and although scientists even considered it a potential agent for curing covid-19, in our everyday lives, iodine is most beneficial for clearing hormone disruptors that affect the thyroid. These toxins are all around us in air, water, and earth pollution. Furthermore, iodine is good for detoxifying the body from heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and even aluminium.

Our Daily Essential Women and Daily Essential Men supplements contain safe doses of iodine to neutralize the growing environmental pollution in the body.

Avoiding environmental toxins

While this article was focused on how we can clear out toxins through what we eat, here is a list of how we can protect ourselves from the threats outside. We are surrounded by toxins that have made their way into the air, water, food, and even personal care and cleansing products. Recognizing and avoiding these toxins is the first step toward supporting our body’s natural detoxification system.

Although this requires certain lifestyle changes, which might seem overwhelming, even starting with one of the things on this list is good enough.

- Avoid eating and drinking from plastic as much as you can. Swap your plastic water bottle for a glass or a stainless-steel alternative. Never drink hot beverages in plastic cups, and do not heat your food in plastic containers.

- Tap water is not safe. Research filtration systems and use filtered water to cook and bathe. By doing so, your exposure to certain toxins such as fluoride, chlorine, PFAS, microplastics, and heavy metals will be drastically reduced.

- Consider filtering indoor air to reduce mold, dust, and chemical particulate exposure.

- While it is not necessary to only consume organic food, it is more important to go organic with some foods than others. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen list for a guide to understanding which foods are the most important to source organically and prioritize. Being organically conscious is an essential step in reducing pesticides and herbicides.

- Gather information about the harmful chemicals hidden in personal self-care and hygiene products, such as makeup. Research has proven that many of these products contain chemicals that seriously disrupt your endocrine balance. EWG’s Skin Deep Database is a good source for gathering information on this subject.

- Replace your home cleaning products with natural alternatives to reduce chemical exposure.

- Taking off your shoes in the house and changing into lounging clothes go a long way in keeping out dirt, fertilizers, and chemicals from the outside, especially if you live in a busy city.

Sanbera prioritizes the active pursuit of awareness and believes that the health of our planet and bodies is intertwined. Our nature does not lay apart from the earth’s, so one should be treated like you would the other. To minimize the environmental harms of production, we avoid commercial farming and source our ingredients only from certified organic farms, with a sustainable and ethical approach.

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