Our philosophy

We understand that modern living comes with challenges. In an ideal world, we would live a holistic lifestyle full of good nutrition and outdoor exercise; but more often than not, it tends to be more about the ‘screen-time’ than the ‘me-time’. Our Sanbera day-to-night dietary supplements were designed by leading Swiss nutritional experts who wanted to simplify wellness for modern living. We believe that self-care rituals are only sustainable if they can fit seamlessly into your busy life, so we’ve made it simple for you to achieve optimal wellness.

Each tablet is dense with nutrition and intentionally crafted in small batches to ensure potent ingredients and quality at every stage of development. The dual-phase tablets are designed using carefully considered nutrients that work in harmony with the body’s natural cycle, sustaining you throughout the day and restoring you during sleep. Applying premium handpicked plants and fruits, we ensure our products deliver maximum bioavailability and lasting results. We have taken this custom approach one step further, designing for both her and him, because optimal health feels different for everyone.

We take great pride in the integrity and sustainability of every supplement we make. We are deeply committed to positive change and work hard to support the farming communities that source our ingredients, as well as local Swiss communities that package our products. We are a planet-first business supporting the natural world wherever we can, whilst caring for your health with the best nutritional science and knowledge.

Designed in Switzerland, powered by plants

At Sanbera, we adhere to sustainable and ethical business practices that are kind to the planet. Our dietary supplements are sourced from the best organic plants and fruits in the world to help you and the planet feel good and stay healthy. Carrying the Vegan Flower, all our products meet the standards of the Vegan Society UK.

A healthy planet depends on healthy people, so with every product sold a fixed amount goes towards supporting the Biovision Foundation ecological programs, to sustainably improve life in Africa whilst conserving the environment.

As a Swiss brand

We are at home in nature, so we work hard to ensure that the making of our products keeps the land and water clean. Our manufacturer, Dixa, is one of the most proficient companies dedicated to sustainability with over 100 year’s of industry experience. We believe that having a positive Swiss company culture with the highest-grade standards is key to transform participation into teamwork and commitment into dependability.

We also believe in the importance of supporting our local community, so we work closely with progressive and social employer, VEBO, to finish all of our packaging. VEBO specializes in the integration of people with a health impairment into work and operates a large number of works, residential and advisory facilities here, in Switzerland.

Sanbera Switzerland

Vegan Flower

Carrying the Vegan Flower, we believe the word 'animal' refers to the entire animal kingdom and our products meet the highest standards of the Vegan Society UK. They contain no animal ingredients or by-products. In the manufacturing process, no animal ingredients, by-products, or derivatives have been used. Neither the company nor the contractors who cooperate with us conduct animal testing on our products. Also, no animal-derived GMOs or genes are used to manufacture our ingredients or finished products.



We deliver potent, safe dietary supplements, developed with extensive research and care. We use only the best organically grown plants and fruits
available to ensure optimal absorption and bioavailability for fast and long-lasting results. We intentionally develop all of our supplements in small-batches with Dixa.

Sanbera Switzerland


We at Sanbera believe in absolute openness. Feel free to read or leave a review, study our ingredients, and discover our story. You can always ask us any questions via e-mail at [email protected] to learn more about our brand and products.



Having developed a transparent supply chain that is secure and safe, we select only suppliers who have adopted this protocol. Our formulas and products are made in Switzerland, ensuring purity and consistency in every batch. Each ingredient complies with strict legal regulations in its country of origin.

Sanbera Switzerland


We choose to work only with partners who share Sanbera's belief in sustainable business practices. We source our products from organically grown fruits and plants. Our jars and boxes are made entirely from recyclable glass and paper, ready to be repurposed when you’re finished.



Every time we sell a product, we donate a fixed amount to the Biovision Foundation (ZEWO certified) for the health of people, animals, plants, and the environment. Founded in 1998 by Swiss World Food Prize recipient, Dr. Hans Rudolph Herren, the Biovision Foundation combats hunger and poverty whilst applying ecological methods that sustainably improve living conditions across North and South Africa. With each product sold, we are proud to support Biovision on its mission for a more sustainable future. We also support our local Swiss community by partnering with VEBO, where we complete our final steps of the packaging process. VEBO is an institution that specializes in the professional and social integration of people with a health impairment. With every Sanbera product made, we are furthering training, developing lifelong learning, and building confidence.

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