Sanbera is not just a multivitamin. We provide vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts in their highest bioavailability with numerous long-lasting benefits backed by science. We have extracted our ingredients from the cleanest organic farms on the planet.

Sanbera is a supplement custom-made for your gender-specific health needs. With our 24-hour precise formula, the body receives the best health support at just the right time for optimal health and peak performance. All our products are 100% vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, sustainable, and Swiss-made.

Our daily formulae are designed to help optimize energy, immunity, athletic ability, mood, clarity, and complexion. With twelve vitamins, six minerals, and potent fruit extracts, they are the ideal choice for those who want to stay healthy despite a hectic schedule and naturally strengthen immunity. We recommend the Daily Essentials for anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being and feel great all the time. The six essential minerals, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, and Calcium, can help the body to reach peak performance and focus and boost productivity.

Nightly Reload is our formula to support the body working for overall health, detoxifying, cellular rejuvenation, and better sleep. It contains the most bioavailable forms of Vitamin C and B Vitamins and doubled amounts of plant extracts compared to Daily Essential to maximize immunity strength. This dietary supplement can be a good choice for those who want their body to detox naturally and enjoy a good night's sleep of rejuvenation and cellular regeneration. It may also be a perfect choice for leading a well-balanced life while maximizing brainpower, memory, and creativity.

Daily Essentials: Take three tablets daily with or after breakfast as a part of a morning routine for optimal health.

Nightly Reloads: Take three tablets in the evening as a part of a nighttime routine for optimal health.

We recommend that you consult a doctor before taking supplements during pregnancy.

Our researches go deeper into understanding the human body's balancing of its functions during a 24-hour cycle. It takes specific nutrients for the day and night to ensure the entire systems work in harmony, leading to optimum health.

Sanbera formulations are based on the principle of tailored gender nutrition to ensure the body receives nutrients targeted to its gender-specific requirements.

Women and men require different amounts of essential nutrients. As an example, women require more calcium to avoid osteoporosis in the bones because their bone density is generally lower than men and they lose bone mass more rapidly. Menopause involves a loss of estrogen, which also supports strong and healthy bones. Because of this, Daily Essential Women contains 12.25 times more Calcium than Daily Essential Men.

Men require more zinc because zinc promotes a healthy prostate and maintains normal testosterone levels. Moreover, it is essential for protein synthesis and promotes strong, healthy hair. Therefore, we almost doubled the amount of it in Daily Essential Men.

We recommend combining both our daytime and nighttime formulae for optimal results. In the 24-hour body cycle, different nutrients are needed for peak performance. So, to stay vital and vibrant throughout the day, we added the essential minerals to vitamins and extracts in Daily Essential. This is why there is no need to take minerals at night because they remain in the body for a long time.

Nightly Reload contains multiplied amounts of potent extracts that help you feel rejuvenated after a night's sleep. We created this formula to help take the immune system to the next level. Our customers report improved cognitive performance, a feeling of regeneration, and enthusiasm to start the new day.

Our products meet the highest standards of the Vegan Society UK. They contain no animal ingredients or by-products. In the manufacturing process, no animal ingredients, by-products, or derivatives have been used. Neither the company nor the contractors who cooperate with us conduct animal testing on our products. Also, no animal-derived GMOs or genes are used to manufacture our ingredients or finished products.

What drives Sanbera is to create a health supplement that optimizes people's well-being, and we wanted it to be all-natural, plant-based, sustainable, and good for the planet.

Sanbera is proud to be a Swiss company. Handpicked from the cleanest farms on the planet, we manufacture our products with leading Swiss manufacturers.

Yes. We carry the Vegan Flower. All our products are solely vegan, GMO-free, and never tested on animals.

Yes. We ship worldwide via UPS.

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