For such a small fruit, Cranberry has many vitamins and antioxidants. According to studies, it can help provide us with many benefits we will discuss in this article. Also, if you are looking for the best cranberry supplement to take, Sanbera has designed one for you: Reload Time To Time Women. Let's dive in to read why it's your best choice in the market.

Sanbera, as a conscious luxury supplement brand, is committed to providing you with the highest quality bioavailable ingredients; why in the first place, our nutritionists formulated the Reload Time To Time Women with 40.9% cranberry fruit powder.

Among the American Indians, cranberries were highly valued, not only for their health-promoting and healing properties. We sustainably hand-pick our cranberries from certified organic farms in the USA.

Cranberry supplements: benefits

Firstly, drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry supplements is beneficial to reduce the risk of recurrent UTIs (urinary tract infections) in women. However, we should ensure bioavailability and absorption factors for the best results. How?

Cranberries have a variety of polyphenolic compounds that include proanthocyanidins (PACs). PACs can help limit the ability of E. coli bacteria to stick to the bladder walls and urinary tract. By this adhesion, PACs may lower the risk of urinary tract infections. Studies suggest taking cranberry tablets every day for two months can significantly reduce the frequency of UTIs, especially in women.

Secondly, there is evidence suggesting that the fruit may also reduce symptoms of overactive bladder and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and prostatitis.

Also, as you may already know, cranberries are high in vitamin C. So, they play a critical role in supporting your immune function. Paired with the finest acerola and bilberry, with each serving of Reload Women, you have 43.1 mg of vitamin C in the highest bioavailability, so you can take advantage of all the benefits and boost your immunity.

Furthermore, cranberries have more antioxidants than many other berries, which protect your body from free radical damage. Numerous chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes, are associated with free radical damage. According to a study, taking cranberry supplements every day for eight weeks can reduce oxidative stress markers in your body.

Cranberry and your health

Listed above, you now are familiar with a few proven benefits of this superfood. But there are other advantages cranberries can offer, still less known but backed by science:

1— Compounds in cranberry supplements prevent bacteria from overgrowing in your mouth, reducing cavities and gum disease and thus, promoting your oral health.
2— It has cancer protection benefits.
3— The fruit can reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.
4— Cranberries can help eliminate H. pylori bacterial infections in the stomach, lowering the risk of stomach ulcers.
5— It helps you improve your heart health.
6— The polyphenols and antioxidants in cranberry aid the liver in detoxifying itself.
7— Cranberry is rich in enormous amounts of Melatonin, which is your ‘sleep hormone.’ So, taken before bedtime, it can help you sleep earlier and better than before.

Cranberry for your skin health

Cranberry is rich in vitamin C, which helps you in boosting natural collagen production. Collagen enhances the elasticity of your skin, helping it carry oxygen and nutrients to its cells. That makes our skin soft, radiant, glowing, and healthy.

Acne-prone people can easily fight off their acne with supplements rich in cranberries as they decrease the development of pimples, comedones, whiteheads, etc.

Side effects

Our products have never been reported to cause any discomfort, which is one of the reasons we are so proud of them. They are science-safe and very gentle on the stomach. The same is true for all of our ingredients. With other cranberry supplements, however, people have reported stomach discomfort, abdominal pain, or increased urination after taking the pills, or capsules.

Reload Time To Time Women

Our Sanbera Reload Time To Time Women tablets are made from dried, powdered cranberries. They also contain acerola, green tea, and bilberry natural extracts to provide extra advantages and help you achieve your health goals.

The tablets are very convenient and easy to swallow, with a natural taste and smell that makes you feel good about taking them. They are solely vegan, gluten-free, non-Gmo, lactose-free, with no artificial colour and no added sugar. Many cranberry products contain added sugar to mask the sour taste, but it is not healthy for you.

Reload Time To Time Women is the second phase of our Sanbera system. It is our very unique nightly formula to help you optimize your health while sleeping better. This cranberry supplement is designed to allow you to recharge your body at a cellular level with natural vitamin C and all B vitamins.

Overall health does not come only with what you do or eat during the day but also with what your body does at night. For peak performance during the day, your body repairs itself at night cellularly. Your sleep is the best time for your body to do detoxifying activities. With cranberry and acerola vitamin C paired with green tea effects, you will have the ultimate opportunity to support better circulation, strengthen immunity, and fight off free radicals. Here's a testimonial from our client Mirjam Lüscer, 6 months with Sanbera:

This supplement is the best I have taken so far. It helps me sleep better at night and feel more rejuvenated in the morning. All in all, it's a great supplement for detox I don't want to be without.”

With Sanbera Reload Women supplements, you have all the anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants your body requires to stay healthy and in the best shape at all times.

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