Biotin, also called vitamin B7, is a water-soluble B vitamin that helps your body break down food and turn it into energy. But your first encounter with it might be for your hair health. You can find biotin in meat, eggs, fish, seeds, nuts, and some vegetables. However, many people take it as a supplement daily since it does not always come in the best bioavailability. Biotin benefits a wide range of body systems. It can help you support the health of your nervous system, liver, eyes, hair, and skin. How? Let's read on and learn.

First, you may wonder what symptoms we might see if we are deficient in biotin. Seizures, weakness of the muscles, breathing problems, loss of hearing and vision, problems with movement and balance, skin rashes, hair loss, and a fungal infection called candidiasis are symptoms of this condition. But you do not need to be worried as our scientists at Sanbera have designed the best biotin supplements to build up your biotin levels and make the most of them.

We offer the best vegan supplements that can help you combat all the symptoms of this vitamin deficiency, such as brittle nails and hair loss. All our daily and nightly formulas for women and men contain this vitamin from only plant sources like black elderberry and green tea. Let's keep reading to see what biotin benefits you can expect to get from Sanbera.

Biotin Benefits: No. 1 diabetes control

One of the most critical health benefits of biotin is that it helps control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Research also suggests that it may help manage symptoms of diabetes.

Additionally, the B vitamins support brain health, helping manage diabetic symptoms like neuropathy through improved glucose levels and triglycerides.

Biotin Benefits: No. 2 healthy hair

Isn't that why you love biotin? Yes, I am sure it is. Biotin is known to promote the health and growth of hair by increasing keratin production and follicle growth. Studies show it can enhance hair health, such as volume, shine, and scalp coverage in those with hair loss.

The stronger your hair is, the less likely it will fall out. It is best combined with vitamin E to support healthier hair.

Genetics, certain medications, depression, and stress are among the leading causes of hair loss. If you're worried about your hair loss, speak to your doctor. You may receive a physical exam and discover whether your diet or hair care routine is the cause. Furthermore, you may be deficient in other vitamins essential to healthy hair growth.

Biotin Benefits: No. 3 better skin

Also, studies suggest that biotin helps improve the appearance, hydration, and smoothness of the skin. So, it is a great beauty vitamin for those who want their skin to look better. How? Biotin supports the synthesis of fatty acids that nourish the skin. That's it!

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Biotin Benefits: No. 4 stronger nails

You can't make your nails grow faster with biotin supplements. But there are several studies showing that it strengthens nails, so if you regularly take this vitamin, your nails will be less likely to split and break.

Do you have brittle nails? Take Sanbera daily and nightly to boost your biotin levels and strengthen your nails. Studies reveal that taking 2.5 mg of the vitamin daily can improve nail firmness, hardness, and thickness.

Biotin Benefits: No. 5 pregnancy

As many as 50% of pregnant women may be deficient in biotin. So, they need to consume an adequate amount of biotin daily. There is evidence that pregnant women with biotin deficiencies may have health issues with their developing babies. As a result, they need a diet rich in biotin and can benefit from taking the best biotin supplements, such as Essential Women and Reload Women.

Rarely known benefits of B7

Not that it's a secret, but most people do not know that biotin supplementation improves neurological function in patients with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis.

As well, biotin, either for the infant or the nursing mother, may be an effective treatment for cradle cap. Older studies suggest that 4 mg of oral biotin might be sufficient for mild cradle cap cases, while 10 mg may be necessary for more severe cases.

Side Effects

Biotin can cause side effects if you take too much. Skin rashes, digestive upset, problems with insulin release, and kidney problems are among those concerns following biotin overuse. To avoid this, it is important to take a reputable and safe supplement with carefully selected ingredients. Also, you should always read the label of your supplement and pay attention to the directions.

Can biotin cause skin irritation?

Yes, it can if taken too much. Biotin can cause irritation and rashes in those sensitive to the B vitamins. Also, topical biotin may irritate the skin. Before applying it to a larger area, those with sensitive skin should do a patch test on their inner arm.

Does it cause weight gain?

It is a frequently asked question among those who turn to biotin supplementation for healthier hair. You need not worry, though. No evidence suggests that taking biotin could lead to weight gain. Biotin has sometimes been believed to be a weight-loss vitamin, however, no research has been conducted to support this claim.

Is biotin safe for everyday use?

Biotin is likely safe when used in recommended amounts and sourced from a safe and potent source. With our daily and nightly supplements for men and women, our scientists have made sure that they are all safe and precise for you to take every day or every night.

Adults can safely consume 30 mcg of this vitamin daily. The same amount should be consumed during pregnancy. When breastfeeding, 35 mcg should be taken daily. For children, the amount depends on their age. Talk to your healthcare provider to see what dose might be best for your specific nutritional needs.

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