Who doesn't want to be healthy? And who does not know the role our diet plays in keeping our health at its best to protect us from toxins and infections? But too many of us do not eat enough fresh fruits, vegetables, and other foods we need to stay healthy all year round. Here's where a plant-based vegan supplement can help. Because a healthy immune system depends on a balanced healthy diet over time. For those in the quest for the best natural supplements to boost the immune system, Sanbera offers the best formulas with the highest quality ingredients.

Here are some of the top vitamins and minerals your immune system needs to perform well and where you can find them in the highest bioavailability and absorbency:

Natural supplements: vitamin C for immunity

Vitamin C is the best to stop infections and keep them at bay by supporting multiple cellular functions of your adaptive immune systems. But not all vitamin C sources are equal in terms of bioavailability. In all of our daily and nightly supplements, we have acerola vitamin C, which is thirty times more bioavailable than other sources of this vitamin on the market. How does it work?

Being an antioxidant, acerola vitamin C can fight free radicals in the body, decreasing inflammation and boosting immunity. Also, it can support your skin health and allow it to serve as a barrier against toxic compounds. Recent studies suggest that high doses of vitamin C may shorten the stay of cold symptoms. It improves cytokine production of white blood cells and inhibits the apoptosis of different forms of T-lymphocytes. Furthermore, it sustains antibody production and the activity of natural killer cells. Besides, vitamin C can make bacterial membranes more absorbent to some antibiotics.

Vitamin E and your immune system

Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant that can support your body fight off infections. This essential vitamin takes part in about 200 biochemical reactions in the body, which is why it is so vital for immunity. Vitamin E is obtainable from high-fat plant foods such as almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, etc. But for the best results, you can always count on Sanbera daily supplements for women and men. In both Essential Women and Essential Men supplements, there are optimum dosages of vitamin E to ensure your system is packed with this nutrient.

How does this vitamin help improve your immune system? By supporting the growth and development of T cells. The role of your T cells is to combat infections by fighting against infected cells and triggering other immune cells for the best immune response.

Natural vitamin A and immunity

Vitamin A is another infection-fighter to look for when searching for the best natural supplements to boost immunity. It comes in two forms: preformed in animal foods and from plants: carotenoids. When it comes to carotenoids, your go-to source needs to be the colourful plants like carrots, pumpkins, and dark green leafy vegetables. In Sanbera, we include the most potent form of this vitamin in both Essential Men and Essential Women to make sure you have it covered in your daily dose of well-being.

Plant-based vitamin A supports cell development and improves the functions of the immune-system cells. As a result, it is beneficial in fighting cancer, especially skin, lung, bladder, and breast cancer.

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Vitamin D and immune health

Among the natural supplements you take, vitamin D is another essential and powerful nutrient that enhances the immune system. Food sources, especially for those with vegan and vegetarian diets, are limited. But with our Essential Women and Men, you will never be without your healthy intake of vitamin D, sourced ethically from potent mushrooms.

What's the role of vitamin D in our immune health? It fights off infection by regulating the activity of immune cells, which stimulate antiviral responses. It binds to receptors on immune cells such as neutrophils, macrophages, and natural killer cells, enabling them to produce peptides with antiviral effects.

Folic acid

Beans and lentils, as well as avocados and leafy green vegetables, are the best sources to ensure healthy levels of folic acid. You can also get this essential vitamin from every Sanbera supplement to boost immunity.

We need folic acid to make healthy new blood cells. We have trillions of cells in our bodies. This B vitamin ensures those cells are developing and splitting adequately. Studies reveal that the deficiency of this vitamin alters our immune functions in different ways.


Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen to our cells and plays an essential role in our immune system processes. This mineral is more abundant in animal sources, but if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, don't worry. We have designed our daily formulae — the best natural supplements for immune health — including this essential nutrient for you to have your iron in the highest bioavailable form.

Low iron levels negatively affect our immune system. Its role in the immune system is essential for our cells' proliferation and growth, especially lymphocytes, which are associated with normal responses to infections.


With its antioxidant effects, selenium has a powerful impact on the immune system and stopping infections. You can look for selenium in our Essential Women and Essential Men from potent plants with the best bioavailability.

This essential mineral reduces oxidative stress, which lowers inflammation and improves immunity. Studies have shown that increased blood levels of selenium are associated with enhanced immune response. On the contrary, its deficiency damages immune cell function and leads to a slower immune response.


We need zinc for the production of new immune system cells. In our daily natural supplements for her and him, we have this mineral with different dosages based on your gender-specific nutritional needs.

Why do we need zinc for our immunity? Zinc helps our immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses. Our body also requires zinc to make proteins and DNA, which are the genetic materials in all cells.

Depending on where we live and the season, we can not always get your hands on high-quality fresh plants and fruits to ensure our blood levels of immune-boosting vitamins and minerals. Sanbera is the perfect and convenient choice in our time-crunched world to live our best lives, no matter what.

If you're looking for the best natural supplements to boost the immune system, Sanbera is a swiss conscious luxury brand committed to offering only the best for you. We make vegan plant-based supplements to help you build your overall health and address a wide range of health concerns: immunity, stress, skin, energy, sleep, hormonal balance, and more — wellness simplified.

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