Although the average human life span is now longer than ever, except for the various diseases and infections we have won over, it is safe to say that we are the least healthy we have ever been. It seems like the evolution of the human body has not yet made it as far as the human lifestyle. The modern sedentary life, the various chemicals and toxins, city stress, and the supermarket diet are not kind.

But the longer life span brings further responsibility for maintaining a higher quality of health. For the most part, improving our health is all about listening to our bodies and neutralizing the harms of our modern living.


The health cornerstones include nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and environmental factors. Our Sanbera strategy in health improvement is around strengthening your health foundations through nourishment and nutrients for enhancing your sleep quality, making up for the lack of physical activity, complementing what you may achieve through exercise, and battling stress, toxins, and pollution.

Sense of guilt and confusion are not uncommon when facing health and lifestyle decisions. Even health professionals have contrasting opinions on what harms and benefit your well-being.

The most important thing here is not to let your health improvement journey become stressful, as it can negatively impact your health. Consider the following article as a list of suggestions and opportunities to tend to yourself and elevate your lifestyle. Accessibility is a priority, and our daily and nightly supplements are designed to give you a big boost of self-care.

Improve your nutrition

We are what we eat. But the supermarket paradox is that although the megastores are all about accessibility, a fresh and healthy diet is less attainable than ever. Nutrition is not a small topic. It could start anywhere from simple carbohydrates and unsupervised sugar intake to deficiencies, the ideal diet, or the various toxins we consume through our food.

The best first step is what is within your reach, whether eating vegetables, avoiding having too many cookies, joining the Sanbera family and taking powerful supplements, or only limiting fast food. A sustainable way to level up your nutrition is ensuring that you consume a diverse diet that is not only made up of processed foods but also fresh greens and lots of fruits and nuts. You could also always swap your junk food favourites with healthier alternatives. These are all helpful steps toward preventing what cracks your health core from the inside: deficiencies.

Prevent deficiencies

What causes deficiencies in a man-dominated world? Although the humans of the past would never recognize what access has become to us now, the vitamin deficiencies are not only for the old-time pirates that spent months away from shore. Today, it is not the lack of food that causes deficiencies but rather the lack of quality, diverse food, and for the most part, ignorance. The processed supermarket options fill our bellies and please our tongues without nourishing our bodies.

One could even argue that it is constantly becoming harder to eat healthily. Even fresh vegetables are farmed commercially from poorly abused nutrient-less soils, using harmful chemicals that hurt your digestive system in the long run.

Although we all are deficient in at least one essential nutrient, the most at risk are people with restrictive diets, special needs, or digestive system issues, such as vegetarians, the elderly, and women moreover in general. While deficiencies may seem like nothing serious, they lay the groundwork for health conditions and issues. Many relevant modern health complaints, such as hair loss, fatigue, dizziness, low clarity, low mood, and poor sleep, are symptoms of deficiencies. Deficiencies may lead to diseases. For example, vitamin D and calcium deficiency usually cause osteoporosis and osteopenia, which we recognize as brittle bones.

Iron deficiency anaemia is common among menstruating women, causing tiredness, depression, low energy, and a weakened immune system. Our Daily Essential Women and Daily Essential Men supplements include the 18 essential minerals and vitamins most common for people to be deficient in. Medically dosed ingredients help prevent deficiencies and build-up while giving you a boost in health.

Both our daily formulas include the eight B vitamins responsible for metabolic regulation, maintaining nerve health, energy conversion, and preventing anaemia. Vitamins C, D, and E are some of the other star vitamins in our formula. While all these vitamins are potent antioxidants that minimize the damage of free radicals, they perform various vital functions. Vitamin D supports your bone health and the absorption of minerals such as calcium and neutralizes the effects of keeping indoors.

Vitamin C is our hero ingredient, accompanied by minerals and vitamins such as zinc and vitamin B12 that multiply its immune system strengthening abilities. Vitamin C energizes you and aids your body in clearing toxins. Vitamin E gives your skin that special glow, detoxifies your body, and supports eye health.

The six essential minerals in our Essential Women and Essential Men are magnesium, calcium, zinc, iodine, selenium, and iron to optimize your natural detoxification, blood flow, bone health, clarity, and nervous system health.

Increase physical activity

Routine exercise and physical activity are the most critical steps in health improvement. Even only half an hour of working out or daily walks can transform your physical condition.

Our bodies are meant to move, and even one hour of exercising every day hardly makes up for the rest of our sitting. The physical activity engages your whole body, promoting healthy blood and oxygen flow and increasing energy levels. It helps with digestion, prevents obesity, and releases mood-enhancing hormones.

While an inclusive diet, full of vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats, is unavoidable with exercise, specific vitamins and minerals are essential to support healing and muscle building.

Calcium and vitamin D for bone and muscle strength, iron for healthy blood flow, magnesium for muscle contraction and nerve transmission, and zinc and vitamin C for immune system enhancement are some essential nutrients exercise requires.

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Better sleep

As the premier time of the body for rest, repair, healing, and the battle against toxins and free radicals, quality sleep is an unavoidable factor in health maintenance. Various factors such as noise and light pollution, stress, extended indoor time, deficiencies, and excessive blue light contact contribute to sleeping issues and conditions.

Although further steps should be taken to optimize sleep quality to the maximum, nutrition helps to minimize these factors, and supplementing is a good and accessible first step. As your hormonal and metabolic cycles are based on your sleep, we created the Sanbera system in two interrelated phases.

We understand that as the main body processes are different through the day and night, their needs and requirements are different as well. Therefore, we formulated our Nightly Reload Women and Nightly Reload Women to optimize your overall health and restore your body at a cellular level while you rest. Our nightly supplements rely on the daily formulas to provide you with nutrients such as vitamin D, although necessary for healthy sleep, may disrupt it at night.

Instead, the formulas are designed to be deeply detoxifying. Created with potent antioxidants from acerola, green tea, cranberry, and red grape, these supplements help transform your health and beauty while boosting your sleep.

Grapes have been a symbol of fertility for millennials, and as we know it, for good. The vitamins B2 and B6 in this magic fruit regulate your blood pressure, and as the B vitamins are responsible for the proper function of neurotransmitters, they make sexual pleasure possible.

On the other hand, cranberries reduce the risk of infection in women and provide you with potent antioxidants that enhance your skin and balance your energy levels. Other benefits of cranberry include reducing PMS symptoms, preventing osteoporosis, supporting postmenopausal health, and minimizing signs of aging.

Furthermore, the pantothenic acid in all our supplements aids the absorption of the other nutrients you receive from your diet.

Decrease stress

Stress disrupts and puts all body functions on hold. The immune system recognizes stress as a threat and makes it a priority to fight against it. As stress does not function like viruses and infections, the immune system usually fails at regulating it, wastes energy, and becomes more vulnerable to diseases.

While the busy modern living and personal life are enough to be stressed, it can also be caused by many factors, including deficiencies. There is a give-and-take relationship between stress and deficiencies. While anxiety, low mood, depression, and mental distress are common symptoms of many deficiencies, stress contributes to the problem. Stress can harm the nutrient stores and cause digestion, absorption, and cardiovascular issues, causing you to feel burnt out and low in energy.

The five essential nutrients in our supplements that help relieve stress are vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc. Our use of magnesium during stressful periods is evidence of its vitality in managing stress. The use of zinc, also known as the “happy mineral”, increases with stress, too. It also cooperates with other immune system-boosting nutrients, such as vitamin C, to level up your resistance during troubling times. You can instantly feel the refreshing and calming properties of vitamin C as you consume it. As this vitamin cannot be synthesized in the human body, more of it is needed the more stressed we feel.

Anxiety and low mood are common symptoms of deficiency in the B vitamin group. The B vitamins act as energy workhorses in your body and are required for the well-functioning of your neurotransmitters. Vitamins B5, B6, and B12 are especially crucial for managing stress and regulating adrenal gland activity.

Bioavailability and ethicality are a matter of importance to Sanbera. Our swiss origin has made us realists who do not oversee the importance of awareness. Therefore, all our ingredients are farmed sustainably and organically to provide you with our precisely engineered formula.

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