Nutrient deficiency in vegan diets

Nutrient deficiency in vegan diets

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, the plant-based nature of vegan diets makes it more challenging to obtain essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, iodine, and B12. Although veganism is environmentally friendly, it is not likely to be widely adopted, and it may reduce nutrient intakes and bioavailability, the report says.

Despite the growth of sustainable food systems over the past decade, Judy Buttriss, the BNF's Director-General, argues that nutrition quality and the delivery of essential nutrients are, all too often, overlooked when making judgments about the environmental impact of foods and diets. For instance, to mimic meat-like food, vegans seek meat-replacers and soy-based products. Nevertheless, some of these alternatives can be high in fat and salt.

 Alternatives to dairy products, like fortified drinks made from soy, oats, and almonds, are becoming an increasingly popular option. However, there are only a few studies comparing dairy and alternative products, except for soy-based drinks. But, based on the available information, we can conclude that some dairy alternatives, such as rice and almond drinks, require a lot of water to produce.

With all that said, the question remains for everybody, not just vegans: what is the best way to maximize nutritional intake, especially when it comes to bioavailability?

We believe that healthy nutrition should be the center of our discussions about transforming food systems to ensure that we do not risk promoting dietary changes that may be good for the planet but are unhealthy for people. We're a planet-first company committed to protecting the environment in all the ways we can while taking care to use the best nutritional science and knowledge for your health.

To help you define a healthier, more sustainable diet, we only offer supplements packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants with the highest bioavailability. We use a gentle extraction technology to ensure the highest level of freshness and purity of our tablets. Our extraction process safeguards the potent bioactive compounds of our ingredients while maintaining our commitment to the planet.

Within a daily and nighttime dose, you will get all the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body and mind need to function at their best while at the same time staying committed to your diet, as all our products are from:

→ Acerola
→ Black Elderberry
→ Guarana
→ Cranberry
→ Green tea
→ Bilberry
→ Red grape

Taking this innovative 24-hour approach a step further, we tailor our formulas to the unique nutritional requirements of women and men in harmony with the natural body cycle because optimal health means different for everyone.

The ideal diet would provide us with all the micronutrients we require day and night, but for most of us, life is too busy to achieve that goal. Our Sanbera day-to-night dietary supplements were designed by leading Swiss nutritional experts who wanted to simplify wellness for modern living. Each tablet is dense with potent ingredients to keep you going through the day and replenish you at a cellular level through the night.

The reason we casually invite our customers to look at their biomarkers is that they can feel and observe the improvements for themselves, and that is a strong indication of how well our ingredients absorb into the body as a result of the highest bioavailability. Vera, a vegetarian freediver and yoga teacher, describes her Sanbera experience as follows:

I wanted to let you know that I tested my blood, and I am so impressed! Everything is above average, especially B12 and Iron. It never happened since I became a vegetarian in my childhood.

Adopting a plant-based diet and reaching optimal health while being kind to the planet has never been easier. We offer plant-based supplements that are vegan and free of animal testing, which is still rare in the supplement market today. In addition, our supplements do not contain added sugar, nutritional substitutes, or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). In sum, all our ingredients and production processes meet the high standards of the Vegan Society, which awarded us the Vegan Flower.

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