As the hinges connecting each bone of the body, one could tell that our joints are the most vulnerable part of the skeleton. The worsening pandemic of various joint diseases, such as arthrosis, is leading more people to become concerned with joint health, even before such conditions occur.

The sanitary lifestyle has become the new norm for most, and even those of us who have managed to maintain an active lifestyle may be prone to joint issues due to unhealthy posture and movement habits or an imbalanced diet. As joints are constantly under the force of excessively long hours of sitting or standing and the never-ending pressure of our weight, they require our special attention so we can stay mobile as we age.

Joint care begins with a diverse and complete diet and is maintained through physical activity and healthy habits. Your diet directly impacts your weight, one of the main factors causing joint wear. Moreover, several nutrients and minerals, including antioxidants and calcium, are vital for immune function and joint mobility. Vitamins such as vitamin C are especially essential here, as they fight inflammation and help prevent arthrosis and autoimmune conditions like RA.

Here at Sanbera, we create supplements based on your fundamental nutritional requirements and the specific demands of a modern lifestyle. Our health professionals view the body and its needs as a whole, considering how nutrients work together and how the body drives itself. This multidisciplinary outlook results in holistic and long-lasting health improvements, which include joint care, but go beyond.

Vitamin D calms the joints.

While more research is required, recent studies revealed that joint pain is a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. Although most of us know about the vitality of this vitamin for bone health, its relation with joints is often left undiscussed.

Over half the global population is deficient in vitamin D, and the rates are usually even worse in colder climates. This means that most people suffer from suboptimal vitamin D values without knowing their medical conditions are because of the deficiency. Vitamin D insufficiency may lead to many issues, from depression to calcium deficiency, brittle bones, and joint inflammation.

Researchers even link rheumatoid arthritis (RA) pain to low vitamin D values. One study in 2016 discovered that RA patients had noticeably lower values of this nutrient and that those suffering from RA are more prone to a vitamin D deficiency in general. An older study in 2012 found vitamin D deficiency connected with a higher probability of inflammatory diseases, RA included.

Vitamin D cares for the joints through its anti-inflammatory properties and supports the absorption of calcium. Calcium deficiency is linked with various bone diseases, such as osteoporosis, and evidence shows that those with calcium deficiency are more likely to suffer from joint pain. Moreover, a lack of vitamin D and other mood-enhancing nutrients could double the effects of the modern extended indoor time and cause a person to be even less active, weakening their muscles further.

To maximize the benefits of vitamin D for joint care and your general health, we have teamed it up with calcium, eleven other vitamins, and five other minerals. In Sanbera, we recognize each bit of the system, which is our body, and respect it by providing the highest possible bioavailability.

Calcium and joint care

The relationship between calcium and joint care is more complicated than it looks. Calcium is the primary building block of your bones, meaning that low calcium values could lead to bone fragility and brittleness and conditions such as osteoporosis. This fact, by itself, is certainly enough to demonstrate the vitality of sufficient calcium values.

Weak bones lead to vulnerable joints, as they force more pressure upon them through any experienced impact. Bone fragility increases the chances of fatal injuries and lasting joint pain.

The role of calcium does not end in bone strength but also involves joint lubrication and muscle contraction. Calcium is required for the transmission of the movement signals as it triggers release between the nerves. It acts as an intermediary even inside the muscles, making all the necessary connections for muscle contraction. Weak muscles will not be able to support the bones, leading to further pressure on the joints. This can cause higher chances of injury during the simplest physical tasks, as well as building joint tension and conditions such as arthrosis.

Although most of us do not receive the recommended calcium values, Sanbera experts also realize the significance of preventing a potential calcium build-up.

Calcium is the main ingredient of the synovial fluid, which is essential for reducing the friction of synovial joints as they move. This means that the lack of calcium may lead to joint erosion. But on the other hand, calcium crystal build-up in the synovial fluid could become a source of joint pain. The calcium in our Daily Essential Women and Daily Essential Men is teamed with miraculous anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as acerola to prevent such conditions. Vitamins such as vitamin C, E, and the eight most important B vitamins aid in the digestion and absorption of minerals, while helping prevent inflammatory conditions.

The power of antioxidants

Our supplements are especially founded on the healing properties of antioxidants to make up for the various inflammation-inducing factors in today’s world. Antioxidants aid the body in fighting inflammation and clearing out free radicals and other residue left behind from the many processes in the body. Antioxidants decrease the damage of oxidation and prevent premature aging, but how do they help care for the joints?

Excessive free radical damage is the primary reason behind arthritis. Although inflammation is the body’s natural response and is vital in maintaining joint health, it is not unusual for inflammation to worsen by creating more free radicals. Generally, this is because the inflammation-inducing factors are not eliminated, and there are also not enough antioxidants to balance the free radicals.

Although further research is required for us to fully understand how antioxidants affect the joints and the extent to which they can help with joint care, the discoveries have been promising so far. For example, one study inspecting the benefits of antioxidants on rheumatoid arthritis patients found that antioxidants successfully decreased the number of swollen and painful joints.

Vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene are fundamental components of the Sanbera Daily Essential Women and Daily Essential Men, proven to help conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Antioxidants slow down your body’s aging and degenerative processes, reduce cartilage loss, help with current joint pain symptoms, and calm inflammation.

Vitamin C and joint support

A common symptom of vitamin C deficiency is inflammation. As a potent antioxidant, vitamin C plays an essential role in joint care and maintenance and may be even prescribed to arthritis patients by health professionals. Researchers have come to the promising discovery that vitamin C consumption can decrease inflammation, relieve pain, slow down cartilage wear, and help prevent conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Vitamin C aids the body in recovering from the damage of autoimmune diseases like RA by breaking the cycle of inflammation and calming the immune system. Moreover, it is one of the main ingredients required for the production of collagen, the primary bone and joint tissue protein.

Vitamin C is famous as the ultimate immune system booster. This means that vitamin C will help control joint inflammation caused by infection and prevent potential diseases.

In 2017 the Journal of Translational Medicine published a study exploring how vitamin C can aid joint pain. The article claimed that vitamin C’s pain-relieving quality functions through the same pathways which opioids do.

Vitamin C can reduce pain in many circumstances, including trauma and cancer. Furthermore, post-surgical patients who consumed vitamin C alongside their painkillers asked for less medication than those who did not take the supplements.

Although more research is required on the pain-relieving properties of vitamin C, there is enough evidence to support the fact that it is a miracle remedy for joint care. It seems that this widely available vitamin is the ultimate answer to most of our health questions. Our body simply flushes out any excess vitamin C values, and this process helps with detoxification, too.

The vitamin C in Sanbera products is sourced from the fruit known to contain the highest values of it, acerola. The organic and locally farmed acerola in our daily essentials formula will strengthen your immune system, pump up your energy levels, improve your mood, brighten your complexion, and aid in the digestion of the other essential nutrients.

Our supplements are designed according to your body’s natural clock in two daily and nightly phases. The two parts of the Sanbera system complete and maximize each other’s results. While our Daily Essential Women and Daily Essential Men supplements provide the necessary nutrients for a fulfilling day and strengthen your health foundations, the Nightly Reload Women and Nightly Reload Men supplements help your body unwind and recover from the preceding day.

We do not see the planet’s health separate from our own and put effort into minimizing our trace. All of our ingredients are 100% organic and sustainably farmed, allowing us to make an ethical impact that remains.
Our products have the highest bioavailability, which is clinically proven through blood biomarkers to make a quick but lasting difference.

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