Our story

Designed in Switzerland, powered by plants, Sanbera was built on the principles of ethical business and modern science.  

One of the most transformative things we can do for ourselves is create rituals, day and night, focused on our health and wellbeing. At Sanbera, we have worked tirelessly to bring modern science into those moments: A daily and nightly dose of wellbeing designed to improve your habits, create healthy rituals and deliver tangible results for your body and mind.

But ultimate wellness is about more than just results, it’s also about nurturing the natural systems we are part of. This is why all of our products actively contribute to a positive, cleaner future. Whether that be ecological programmes around the world, or supporting our local community here in Switzerland, we want everyone to feel the benefits of true wellbeing.

Sanbera supplements are 100% vegan and totally free from animal testing, something that is sadly still very rare in today’s supplement market.  Our products are also completely free of added sugar, nutritional substitutes and GMOs (genetically modified
organisms). With all of this, we have been awarded the “Vegan Flower” and meet
the high requirements of the Vegan Society for all ingredients and production

As the world of self-care continues to evolve, we are committed to honesty, purity and precision at every step to ensure wellbeing for all. Day and night.

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