Our Story

As a Swiss brand, we understand the power of fresh air, good nutrition, outdoor exercise and a balanced lifestyle. However, our nationality also makes us realists - we know that modern life and our responsibilities can be our biggest distraction from self-care. Wellness rituals can take time, so to be a truly sustainable practice we wanted to create a product that would fit seamlessly into our busy lives: The solution to the challenges of modern living, inspired by our nation’s love for nature. A grand ambition? We know. So, we designed Sanbera: Swiss-made, plant-based, daily supplements, custom-designed for her and him.

Our expert formulation team consists of leading nutritionists, naturopath practitioners and physicians to bring a broad and considered approach to the contents of every single capsule. The dual-phase intake approach synchronizes with the body’s 24-hour cycle using the most bioavailable ingredients on the planet, combining vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from powerful premium-quality plants and fruits. Sanbera can support the whole body and mind for better immunity, energy, sleep, focus, performance, beauty, mood, balance, and more. Our products are 100% vegan and totally free from animal testing, something that is sadly still very rare in today’s supplement market. Our products are also completely free of added sugar, nutritional substitutes and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) because we strongly believe that none of these belong in anything edible. With all of this, we have been awarded the “Vegan Flower” and meet the high requirements of the Vegan Society for all ingredients and production processes. Sanbera is the leading dual-phase luxury grade supplement designed entirely in Switzerland. As the world of self-care continues to evolve, we are committed to honesty, purity and precision at every step of the process to ensure optimal wellness, day and night.

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