Folic acid for men

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Folic acid is a form of folate, also known as vitamin B9. The body cannot make this watersoluble vitamin or store it. So the risk of buildup is low. Green leaves such as broccoli, spinach, kale, avocado, and many citrus fruits contain folate. In the US and Canada, you can find foods such as flour, bread, and cereals fortified with folic acid.

Folic acid partakes in the division and growth of cells, DNA maintenance and protection, and the production of neurotransmitters. Folate deficiency is common, and because it is essential in every single process in your body, it is so risky that it has become a mandatory law in North America to fortify certain food products with folic acid.

After the body converts folic acid to its active and usable form, it collaborates with vitamins like C, B12, and B6 to break down proteins and control their levels in the blood. Low folate levels may lead to unhealthy blood pressure and heart diseases. Anaemia and other unhealthy cell growth conditions are sometimes linked to folate values.

Well-known to most people, folic acid is vital for a healthy pregnancy and embryo development. But because of its role in cell production and growth, it is also crucial to the male reproductive system and the production of healthy sperm.

Folic acid is in all supplements, including Daily Essential Men and Nightly Reload Men, in the highest bioavailability. The folic acid in our nightly supplements helps you to have the highest quality of rest, allowing you to rejuvenate at the cellular level and start all fresh in the morning. Throughout the day, the folic acid in Essential Men will enhance your immune system, energy levels, and clarity, helping you feel your absolute best.

Folic acid and mental health

We need folic acid to convert proteins to methionine, a necessary chemical in neurotransmitter production. Low folate levels may lead to brain impairment, cognitive disorders such as dementia, and mental conditions like schizophrenia.

To better understand the importance of vitamin B9 for healthy brain function, you should know that its deficiency symptoms include confusion, foggy thoughts, anxiety, and depression. The antioxidant properties of vitamin B9 reduce brain inflammation and may prevent conditions like dementia. According to research studied 180 people with mild cognitive impairment, moderate doses of folic acid supplementation were beneficial in breaking down proteins related to Alzheimer’s disease and improving overall brain function.

In recent decades, mental disorders have been one of the major worldwide health concerns. Most people have experienced anxiety and depression symptoms or other mental conditions in the past or are currently going through them.

Research shows that people with mental health conditions, such as depression, are more at risk of having suboptimal folate values.

Although research on this subject has a long way to go, other studies suggest that taking folic acid supplements can even boost the influence of prescribed medication in treating depression.

In Sanbera, we understand the value of brain functionality and mental health as lenses we see and live life through. Our supplements contain all the essential nutrients, like folic acid, that your brain needs to function at its best.

How does folic acid benefit heart health?

 Worldwide, heart disease is the prominent cause of death. The numbers vary in different regions, but approximately every 1 in 3 deaths are caused by heart conditions.

Along with other watersoluble vitamins such as vitamins C and B12, folate is responsible for breaking down proteins and amino acids, including homocysteine. When folate values are low, homocysteine levels are not regulated, so they increase. High levels can cause Hyperhomocysteinemia, which leads to high blood pressure and heart conditions.

Folic acid promotes blood flow and manages your metabolism. Several studies have found that folic acid supplementation can aid in keeping homocysteine levels under control and lower the risk of heart disease.

Supplementing folic acid is a safe and accessible solution for ensuring heart health. Folic acid’s contribution to healthy blood flow and preventing heart diseases has made it a fundamental ingredient in all Sanbera products, daily and nightly.

Folic acid benefits hair and skin.

 Folate assists in healthy cell division, and cell growth, as well as the production and protection of DNA. Therefore your folate levels immensely affect the health of your hair, skin, and nail cells which heal and grow daily.

Hair loss is a common concern for men. The number of supplements and hair products targeted toward hair loss makes sense when you consider that 8 out of 10 men and over half of the women experience significant hair loss during their lifetime. Because of folate’s part in cell production, low folate values may lead to premature greying of hair and slower hair growth.

One study of 52 male and female participants experiencing prematurely grey hair discovered that their blood levels of vitamins B9, B12, and B7 were suboptimal.

Fighting wrinkles, lines, sun damage, and skin cancer are all benefits of folic acid. It keeps your skin hydrated and your cell production healthy while you enjoy the sun.

How folic acid benefits fertility in men?

Folate duties such as DNA maintenance, cell production, and cell growth are all impactful factors in male fertility. Many of the products and supplements that are marketed to improve male fertility contain folic acid and zinc. While the debate is still ongoing, scientists agree the combination may boost fertility.

Most research finds folic acid and zinc supplementation successful in promoting sperm quality and concentration in the semen. In one study in 2002 of 108 fertile and 103 subfertile males, six months of supplementing the folic acid and zinc combo increased the sperm count of the subfertile group by 74%.

Other studies add nutrients such as vitamin E and selenium to the supplementation mix. But the main point is ensuring that you are not deficient and are generally well nourished.

Who needs folic acid supplements?

While folate deficiency is common, unhealthily high folate values are rare. Like the rest of the watersoluble vitamins, folate levels have a low risk of becoming harmfully high. Your body excretes the excess amounts.

The importance of folate in preventing birth defects makes it more concerning for women than men. Men usually consume more than the required daily folate value through their diet. But a little more through daily supplements seems to be safe and even beneficial. But note that you should consult your doctor before taking folic acid if you have any medical condition.

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