Fatigue is persistent tiredness that makes you feel exhausted for a long time. Feeling fatigued or tired is very common. We all can feel tired at some time in our lives. Many factors can lead to fatigue, from lack of sleep to a poor diet and insufficient exercise. However, our modern living does not permit us to balance all the ways to keep up every level of our performance. Regular stressful work and mental conflicts can make us unwell and lead to fatigue.

One of the best ways to fight fatigue is through proper nutrition. By adding essential vitamins to your healthy diet, you can naturally boost your energy levels. You can obtain what your body needs to stay in shape from your food. But it is hard for many to have a well-balanced diet that includes all the essential vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. With Sanbera supplements, you have all your daily and nightly essentials in the highest bioavailability for fatigue and weariness. Here are some best vitamins to find in our formulas for fatigue:

Vitamins against fatigue: vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for the metabolic process of your body. It helps maintain nerve cells and blood, construct DNA structure, and improve brain function. It also plays a role in converting food into energy — a natural vitamin that is present in animal proteins. Vegetarians and those with vegan diets probably are deficient in vitamin B12 as they avoid meat, dairy, eggs, and fish. So, we created Sanbera to offer 100% vegan plant-based supplements regardless of all diet preferences.

In addition, a lack of vitamin B12 is likely to affect people with digestive disorders and older adults. Vitamin supplements are a good strategy for them to receive this nutrient in the right amounts.

You can improve your energy levels and lower symptoms of tiredness and fatigue by eating foods high in vitamin 12:

• Meat
• Fish
• Poultry
• Beef
• Eggs
• Milk
• Salmon
• Clams
• Tuna
• Beef liver
• Nutritional yeast

Vitamin B6

 Vitamin B6 is essential for the manufacture of building blocks of protein as well as DNA. It plays a role in the normal functioning of energy-yielding mechanisms — a must-have to help with fatigue. People who exercise regularly and athletes need to ensure they have proper quantities of vitamin B6 to access stored energy when they need it most. These foods contain high amounts of this vitamin:

• Sweet potato
• Spinach
• Sunflower seeds
• Potato
• Banana
• Chicken
• Turkey
• Beef
• Tuna
• Salmon

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 plays a significant role in converting carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into energy. It is involved in the release of fat structures like hormones that are important for good body functions. The vitamin is highly essential if the body's energy level has dropped due to high stress. It is because it helps produce energy and hormones to reduce stress. Food with high amounts of vitamin B5 includes:

• Avocado
• Lentils
• Crimini mushrooms
• Shiitake mushrooms
• Sweet potato
• Turkey
• Dried peas
• Chicken
• Broccoli
• Natural yogurt

Vitamin B3

 We need vitamin B3 as a co-factor for more than 200 enzyme reactions in the human body. It is an essential enzyme for converting carbohydrates, protein, and fats into energy.

Vitamin B3 deficiency can make you feel fatigued as your body cannot transform food into energy. Thus, taking vitamin B3 can help boost energy and reduce tiredness. Foods with high content of vitamin B3 include:

• Chicken
• Salmon
• Tuna
• Turkey
• Shrimp
• Beef
• Lamb
• Peanuts
• Brown rice

Vitamin B2

The body cells gain energy from carbohydrates. But they can also obtain the energy they need from proteins and fats. Vitamin B2 is vital for energy generation in the muscles and heart. It helps break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Furthermore, it plays a crucial role in keeping up the energy levels.

Vitamin B2 deficiency can lead to the feeling of exhaustion and tiredness. The best foods for vitamin B2 include:

• Soybeans
• Beet greens
•  Spinach
• Natural yogurt
• Asparagus,
• Eggs, almonds
• Beef liver
• Turkey

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is another essential element converting food into energy. Your body cells need a constant supply of thiamine (B1) for proper functioning. Athletes who eat a high carbs diet will require more amount of B1 in their diets to convert them into energy.

A B1 deficiency can cause fatigue that appears quickly or slowly, depending on the severity. Good sources of vitamin B1:

• Navy beans
• Sunflower seeds
• Barley
• Black beans
• Oats
• Lentils
• Pinto beans

Sanbera: best vegan plant-based supplements for fatigue

If you are looking for the best plant-based vitamins to help with fatigue, Sanbera is the right choice for you to stay energetic all the time. We make supplements with 100% organically sourced ingredients. All of our supplements are formulated using the best blend of ingredients for optimal results that are proven to last.

With regular exercise, enough sleep, and a healthy diet, Sanbera supplements can help improve your energy levels and enhance performance. Nonetheless, if you are taking other medications or have a health condition, you should consult your doctor before taking new supplements.

”What I really respect about Sanbera is the commitment to the highest quality ingredients, high bioavailability, a different formula for men and women respecting that way our bodies, metabolisms, and hormones differ, and from the philosophy of the founders, a mission to truly help people to improve their daily health rather than just get them to buy products.

I’ve noticed a marked difference in including Essential Women as a part of my supplement regimen, including better skin, better sleep, and more sustained energy levels throughout the day.” — Kirsten Haglund, 6 months with Sanbera.

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