An inspiring story of resilience and healing lies in the heart of Switzerland. This tale is the essence of Sanbera—a premium plant-based vegan supplement brand that resonates deeply with those who seek well-being on every level.

Tina Erni is the motivation behind this wellness revolution. Her journey through a critical illness made her realize early on the importance of wellness. Tina found solace in nutrition, recognizing its ability to bridge the gap between body and soul. Through years of exploration and scientific inquiry, she discovered the transformative power of a plant-based diet.

She joined forces with a handpicked team of Swiss nutritional experts and doctors to create Sanbera Switzerland. They designed daily and nightly supplements that got acclaim from surgeons, experts, and the media.

By Tina's side stands Sonia Schlaepfer, deeply immersed in the realms of health, beauty, and nature. Sonia's personal journey in healing has led her to believe in the power of nature and sustainability. Her pursuit of natural solutions aligns seamlessly with Tina's vision, placing her as the heartbeat of Sanbera. Together, they're on a mission to redefine wellness and beauty, recognizing that true radiance stems from within.

For Tina, wellness isn't just a goal—it's a journey. As she puts it, “Our mission at Sanbera is to empower everyone to take charge of their health and well-being.” Through meticulously crafted supplements and a holistic approach, Sanbera invites individuals to embrace self-care as an essential part of modern life. Sonia echoes this sentiment, acknowledging that “ a world full of demands, self-care isn't selfish—it's a necessity.”

Sanbera understands the complexities of modern life and offers a sanctuary—a place where natural solutions nurture both people and the planet. Sanbera stands as a gentle reminder that wellness is within reach for all. With resilience, healing, and a heartfelt commitment to simplicity, Join Sanbera on a journey of self-discovery and be your best self every day.

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