Cold and flu remedies that work

Cold and flu remedies that work

A sore throat wakes me up in the morning. Sneezing, coughing, and sniffling follow. Okay — I am sick. Colds and flu can take their time to heal. But these simple tips always help me get better faster:

Relax. When we are ill, our bodies will do everything to fight off infections. It thus requires more energy. So, get plenty of rest and put a pause on your daily routine and stay at home until you feel better.

Drink plenty of water. Fluids thin mucus and help clear congestion. They prevent headaches and fatigue caused by dehydration. But avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol since they can dry you out.

Get as much sleep as you can. Lack of sleep weakens the immune system and makes it less able to fight illness. Go to bed early and nap during the day. Do your symptoms keep you up at night? Reload Time To Time can help you fall asleep faster while getting deeper sleep and recovering your body at the cellular level. You will recover quicker and feel healthier with its antioxidants from acerola, green tea, cranberry, bilberry, and red grape.

A cup of warm tea and a good book would be nice as well. Research shows that heat can also relieve cold-related symptoms such as fatigue and a sore throat.

Have a hot shower. As well as loosening congestion, breathing in steam can soothe a scratchy throat and nose. It can also relieve aching muscles.

Take your essentials. Take three Essential Day To Day tablets every morning with your breakfast. It has antioxidants from acerola and is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps fight colds, and it is the most essential vitamin to boost your immune system.

In addition to acerola, our Essential Women supplements contain black elderberry antioxidants with immune-modulating effects to reduce cold symptoms.

We have zinc in both Essential Men and Essential Women (more zinc for men, of course!). Studies have shown that a mild zinc deficiency can elicit changes in the patient’s immune status. It has also been shown to inhibit the replication of the cold virus.

These effects make Essential Day To Day beneficial for preventing and treating the common cold, helping you get better much more quickly.

Eat some good soup. On sick days, soup is sure to make you feel better. Based on its ingredients, it can reduce inflammation in your body and ease some of your symptoms. Furthermore, this meal provides your body with liquids and calories to help it function better with more energy. If you want to try a healing vegan recipe, here is one.

Why Sanbera? Sanbera offers an effective solution to many of the challenges we have in our modern living. The Essential Day To Day formula provides all of the essential nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy and function properly at all times. It is now on many health and beauty lists as a must-have. See this handy guide from Grazia Magazine for a safe beauty and wellness purchase from Sanbera and eight other brands.

From our precisely dosed, high bioavailable 12 vitamins and 6 minerals that aid in immunity, energy, mood, clarity, and so much more, to our potent antioxidants from acerola, black elderberry, and guarana extract, we tailored our formulas for women and men. Because wellness is different for everyone.

Sanbera supplements will not only help you feel calm and well, but they will also provide you with extra strength and energy when you need it.

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