The healthy summer self-care checklist

healthy summer self-care checklist from Sanbera

As the days lengthen and the weather warms up, there are more opportunities than ever to switch up our self-care routine and unwind. We gathered the experts of our team to help you keep fit while enjoying the summer. With these tips, we hope you will go outside, get active, and appreciate the sun!

Healthy summer self-care practices

We are so happy to have summer here! This time of year is all about relaxing, going on adventures, and embracing each day as it comes. With the longer days comes more time to pamper yourself! Here's how to fill your healthy summer with the ultimate summer self-care checklist recommended by experts.

1 — Try to drink a lot more water.
Every summer self-care checklist should include this. A healthy summer requires a lot of hydration. Keep yourself hydrated all summer long and treat both your body and soul well.

2 — Take a stroll.
It's a great way to clear your head and enjoy a warm summer afternoon with a long walk. It's also fun to catch up with a friend as you get your exercise.

3 — Check out your local farmers' market.
Enjoy seasonal produce from local vendors. You may find it interesting to try new foods and incorporate healthier choices into your diet.

4 — Try out a new exercise.
A good flow of endorphins can improve mood and ease stress. Try hiking, tennis, swimming, or anything that takes you outdoors.

5 — Take a spa break at home.
A bubble bath, a face mask, or a pedicure can all be affordable ways to pamper yourself. You can amp up the spa vibe by lighting a candle, using essential oils, and playing soothing music. You can add our daily and nighttime formulas to your summer self-care regimen to avoid deficiencies by receiving  essential nutrients your body needs during the day to feel your best.

6 — Practice mindfulness daily.
Spend some time meditating. Making a list of the things you are thankful for can also help you feel happier.

7 — Perform a needs assessment.
How was last week for you? Is there anything you can do to make you feel better? Would you like to be more productive in the coming week? A busy schedule probably calls for you to sleep more, eat better, and spend more time with friends before the week begins. Making time for the things that are essential to you and your health is what means self-care.

8 — True overheard: every body is a beach body.
Have you got a body? The answer is yes, and there's a beach somewhere calling you. You do not have to change anything about yourself to have a good summer.

9 — Be kind to yourself and the planet.
Taking care of yourself allows you to enjoy your summer more and spread the same kindness to others. If you're going to spend more time outdoors this season, you may want to take better care of the planet. What are some ways you can accomplish this? How sustainable is your lifestyle?

10 — Keep yourself surrounded by people who make you happy.
Enjoy your summer with people who lift you up and help you become your best self.

How are you taking care of yourself this summer?

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