The best vitamins for the eyes

The best vitamins for the eyes and sanbera supplements

Even though all five human senses are equally valuable and essential for our living, the eyes are the most vital and sensitive than the other four. We need to take good care of our eyes since there is a direct link between our thoughts and perceptions and what we see and observe. Several minerals and vitamins are responsible for maintaining the proper health of the eyes. Likewise, the deficiencies related to these nutrients can lead to eye ailments like glaucoma, cataracts, and muscular degeneration due to age. If you are looking for the best vitamins for the eyes to keep them healthy, Sanbera is a plant-based vegan option with supplements that are proven to work.

Research shows that some essential vitamins can help protect the eyes and reduce the development of such conditions. What's in Sanbera supplements that make them great supplements for the eyes?

Vitamins for the eyes: vitamin A

One of the best vitamins for the eyes is vitamin A. It promotes the production of certain pigments by the retina, enabling us to see. It also keeps the cornea protected and well-hydrated. Vitamin A is essential for good vision since it is part of the rhodopsin protein, which allows the eyes to see in less light.

A research study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology showed that vitamin A deficiency can result in night blindness. Moreover, it can lead to the dry cornea, the outer protective layer of the eye. People with vitamin A deficiency may feel dry eyes due to less moisture production for good lubrication.

Add these vitamin A-rich food sources into your diet to upgrade your vitamin A levels and eye health:

• sweet potato
• carrots
• red pepper
• pumpkin
• squash

Vitamin C

Besides its many benefits to the human body, vitamin C is essential for lowering oxidative stress in the eyes. In the eyes, the rate for the breakdown of oxygen into free radicals is very high. It also supports the formation of collagen, a key protein in the overall structure of the eyes.

What is more, vitamin C helps prevent diseases like cataracts and age-related muscular degeneration. Foods with high quantities of vitamin C include:

  • acerola that is presents in all of Sanbera supplements
  • oranges and other citrus fruits
  • brussels sprouts
  • blackberries
  • broccoli
  • grapefruit

Vitamin E

 Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that inhibits the breakdown of essential fatty acids in the retina by fighting free radicals. Observational studies show that it has the potential to reduce the probability of cataracts. Thus, it is one of the best vitamins for the eyes to keep them healthy. Foods with high levels of vitamin E:

• asparagus
• sunflower seeds
• almonds
• soybean
• peanuts
• safflower oil
• corn
• wheat germ oil


Zinc is a powerful antioxidant beneficial for our overall health and the health of our eyes. It protects the eyes from oxidative stress and promotes eye pigments. Zinc helps transfer vitamin A from the liver to the eyes for the release of rhodopsin. You can boost your zinc levels from foods like:

  • crab
  • oysters
  • chicken
  • cashews
  • cheese
  • baked beans
  • pumpkin seeds
  • chickpeas
  • yogurt

Where to get the best supplements for eyes?

Sanbera is the best place to get plant-based and vegan vitamins and minerals for your eyes. Backed by over 18 years of research, we only offer high-quality supplements to deliver results that are proven to last.

We create each batch of our supplements with great care and sustainably. We ensure that the whole manufacturing process of our products keeps the water and land clean.

Wellness beyond nature

You can improve your overall health and the health of your eyes with vegan supplements that nourish and protect you at the cellular level, using only sustainably-sourced ingredients from potent plants and fruits.

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Plant-based supplement for your holistic wellbeing

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