Sanbera supplements for her, by Andrea

Sanbera supplements for her, by Andrea

Most people today are looking for ways to live more organically and sustainably. For Andrea, our amazing friend and a dear member of our beautiful community of health and wellbeing, this is her every day. She is a professional beauty blogger at Organic Beauty Loverhelping people make healthier choices when it comes to beauty and wellness. Her originality and skill for storytelling soon captivated us when we came across her on Instagram last year. Here is her review of our Women Collection:

Andrea’s personal experience with Women Collection

If you are looking for a clean, plant-based, and Swiss-made dietary supplement that works as beautifully as it looks, then look no further. Sanbera is a luxury supplement brand that prioritizes personal and planetary health. Firmly committed to clean ingredients, sophisticated performance, integrity, transparency, and sustainability, Sanbera’s mission is to simplify wellness for modern living for both men and women.

That being said, I have not been the best at taking care of my holistic health during the pandemic. With the mental and emotional effects of quarantine, strange sleep habits, and lack of outdoor activities, I have noticed that my mood and energy levels have suffered. Enter Sanbera, an exciting and innovative product that can address these issues head-on.

With the help of an expert formulation team that consists of Switzerland's leading nutritionists, naturopath practitioners, and physicians to bring a 360 approach to daily health, Sanbera created dual-phase dietary supplements designed to effectively complement the body's needs throughout a 24-hour cycle.

Essential Women & Reload Women for her

The daily formula boasts a highly effective blend of antioxidants, twelve essential vitamins, and six vital minerals to strengthen immunity and boost energy levels throughout your day; and the nighttime formula, a nutritional profile that helps restore your body as you sleep. All you have to do? Take three tablets in the morning and three tablets in the evening (each jar contains 90 tablets and provides you with a one-month supply). I'm someone who dislikes large encapsulated tablets, and I was pleasantly surprised at how physically tolerable taking three was. They are small, non-capsulated, easy to swallow, and do not have any aftertaste or cause nausea.

I typically down the Essential Women with my morning coffee and the Reload Women right before bed, either with a cup of tea or with water. I usually have a mood and energy slump around 2 pm after lunch, but when taking Sanbera, I noticed that this was not happening as much. My mood and energy levels felt improved, and I felt more calm, cool, and cucumber-esque throughout the day. What I love about the Reload Time to Time working as I sleep is that it's doing so during the hours my body is already recovering and repairing itself. Sanbera’s nighttime formula revitalizes the body at a cellular level, fighting free radicals and supporting sleep to nourish the body from the inside out so I can wake up to better health AND better skin.

An in-depth look at how Sanbera supports women

With Essential Women and Reload Women from Sanbera, women can boost their immunity, energy, and health throughout the 24-hour natural body cycle while reaping multiple benefits at a cellular level. In its daily formula, Sanbera helps provide women with better:

Energy: Vitamins D2 and B2 invigorate us when we spend so much time indoors and have little exposure to sunlight.

Clarity: Too much screen time and blue light exposure can negatively affect productivity, so Niacin and Provitamin A have been included to help improve brain function and eye health.

Mood: Black Elderberry helps relieve stress, while Magnesium supports a healthy nervous system.

Athletic ability: Calcium and iron support joints and maintain muscle density so we can perform at our best.

Immunity: In conjunction with the other gut-loving ingredients in their formulation, Vitamin C and Zinc help support our immune system, protecting and restoring our overall health.

Complexion: Biotin and Vitamin E help to prevent free radicals and sugar spikes that affect the smoothness and glow of our skin, as well as the density of our hair and nails.

With its nighttime formula, Sanbera helps women with:

Overall health: Designed to help the body repair itself while we sleep, this nutrient-rich blend is highly absorbent for optimal performance during the day.

Detoxifying: Acerola Vitamin C supports proper circulation, strengthen immunity, and fight free radicals while we sleep.

Cellular rejuvenation: Green tea and Folic Acid help restore the body at a cellular level and help improve brain function and health.

Better sleep: Biotin helps regulate blood sugar levels, while Pantothenic Acid helps your body process all of the other vitamins in the formula to support you during the day.

But these are not just feel-good dietary supplements.

If you dig a little deeper, you will see just how much Sanbera goes above and beyond in creating their products, supporting local Swiss communities, and giving back:

  • High-quality organic plants and fruits, some of which are from local farming communities

  • Maximum bioavailability

  • Strategic sourcing (for example, Sanbera uses Acerola Vitamin C, which contains 30x more vitamin C than citrus fruits.)

  • Carries the Vegan Flower, meaning all Sanbera products meet the standards of the Vegan Society UK.

  • A portion of each sale goes towards supporting the Biovision Foundation, an ecological program that helps sustainably improve life in Africa whilst conserving the environment.

 All in all, I am completely hooked on Sanbera and am excited to continue taking care of my holistic health and well-being.

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