Best foods to boost your brain

Best foods to boost your brain in Sanbera supplements

Consciousness does not come cheap. The price for our awareness, memory, mental function, thoughts, and the supervision of all the various processes in the body is roughly around 25% of our energy requirements. No other organ consumes as much energy as the brain. This constantly running machine is always on, requiring a persistent energy supply.

Like any other machine, your brain's function status depends on the quality of the fuel it receives. To put it another way, you are what you eat, especially when it comes to your brain functions. Your nutrition affects your mood, life approach, learning abilities, creativity, and memory more than you would imagine.

Even science has just begun to explore the tip of the brain nutrition iceberg. New fields of research have been established in recent years to explore the deeper connection between nutrition and the brain. One example is nutrition psychiatry, where the relationship between food and mental health and the use of food for treating mental health disorders are explored. Fortunately, the studies have discovered great results. It appears that eating more chocolate and bananas could cure your depression!

What you eat does way more than provide your brain with the energy it needs. While metabolic activity runs your brain and impacts the speed of your thinking, what you eat determines the status of your brain's neuroplasticity, adaptability, and healing. A child’s nutrition defines the structure of their brain as an adult, and an adult’s nutrition determines the speed and condition of their mental aging and decline.

The brain is defenceless against nutrition. While food can be used to enhance its performance, an unhealthy diet could cause harm. While antioxidants are in your team against neurodegenerative disorders, processed foods, and sugar cause inflammation.

The functioning of our brain determines who we are. Our goal in Sanbera is to help you obtain a better quality of life. Our supplements are naturally engineered to complement your diet and make up for where it may fall short, with precise attention to brain health. Nature is our most outstanding teacher, and although these brain-boosting super foods set our path in the design of our formulae, you may not be consuming enough of them.

Acerola to boost your brain

Acerola is the star of all the supplements we provide. The most potent known source of vitamin C, this gorgeous red berry brings you amazing immune system-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin C prevents the waste of energy by strengthening your immunity, providing you with a steady supply of energy. But that is just the start. The vitamin C concentrations in the brain are the highest and are kept at the same level long after the body is vitamin C deficient. That shows the importance of this synthesizer nutrient.

Vitamin C is vital for the creation and maturation of neurons and the protecting sheath that covers them. It is essential for proper neuron transmission, including neurotransmitter release and even the conversion of dopamine to serotonin. Therefore vitamin C deficiency could cause depression, dullness, low clarity, and impaired learning abilities.

The other marvellous brain-boosting nutrients in acerola are plant compounds named anthocyanins. Anthocyanins transfer the antioxidative benefits of vitamin C, meaning they clear up the residue from the oxidation process essential for various brain functions, from thinking to movement and blood flow regulation. Free radicals, the residue, cause inflammation, speed up aging, and contribute to neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Your body does not store vitamin C, so the more you get, the better it is. Both phases of the Sanbera system use acerola as the main ingredient in their formulae to supply their vitamin C values.

Green tea to boost your brain

The two main brain-boosting components in green tea are caffeine and antioxidants. Caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant drug. The various benefits of caffeine for your brain include improved energy, alertness, focus, reactions, memory, and mood, as well as enhanced exercise performance.

While you can count on coffee for that caffeine rush, when it comes to antioxidants, green tea has the upper hand. The high levels of caffeine in coffee bring contrasting effects. Although it blocks out adenosine, the make-sleepy chemical messenger in your brain, the pump of energy can often lead to energy shut down. It may increase your anxiety even though it stimulates neurotransmitters such as dopamine.

Green tea is the defining ingredient in our Nightly Reload Women and Nightly Reload Men. Its antioxidants aid your body in neutralizing free radicals and flushing out toxins, while its moderate caffeine values support your sleep cycle without harming it, allowing you to wake up ready and refreshed.

We prioritize battling the increasing amounts of environmental toxins and common modern living conditions and diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. Green tea supports bone health, and researchers have found a connection between regular tea consumption and a reduced risk of death from all causes.

Green tea has been linked with a lower risk of neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and is believed to protect your brain health. Researchers have found up to 4 cups of green tea to be safe to consume, so drink your morning beverage calmly, knowing it is good for you.

Red grapes

The research on the beneficial effects of grapes on brain function has been going on for a very long time. Numerous studies have proven that red grape is a strong defence against the threats of cognitive decline and brain conditions and the potent antioxidants of red grapes and blood pressure-decreasing effects make it miraculous to men’s health, as heart disease mortality rates are the highest in men.

Moreover, red grapes are rich in resveratrol. These antioxidant healing and repairing properties are so great, making them famous as the “reverse it all” by health professionals, meaning red grapes are excellent fighters against oxidative damage and can revive dead brain cells to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Studies also show that red grapes can decrease oxidative stress-induced anxiety and help your brain recover from past trauma.

Red grapes are part of our Nightly Reload Men supplements to allow their magic to perform at its highest quality when your body and brain take their time to heal, prepare, and reload for the morning.


The properties of this miracle food group have amazed health experts for so long that we included black elderberries in our Daily Essential Women and cranberries and bilberries as part of our Nightly Reload Women supplements.

Besides these berries’ various health benefits for women, such as the prevention of blood pressure, breast cancer, uterus infection, heart disease, and diabetes, berries are famous for their brain-boosting properties.

Berries are nourishing to the brain, mainly because of their high concentration of flavonoids. Research has shown that higher consumption of flavonoids is often associated with memory and mental function improvements, as well as a lower risk of cognitive decline and conditions such as dementia.

These benefits made cranberry the perfect key ingredient for our Nightly Reload Women supplements to aid your brain in repairing the damage of the day and processing the newly achieved data, fight against harmful free radicals, and have a more deeply rewarding rest.

Cranberries are paired with bilberries to maximize your memory-processing abilities by the time you wake up. Researchers have found bilberries to improve short-term memory and various cognitive abilities such as navigational skills, balance, and coordination. Its anti-inflammatory properties support your eye health and prevent several brain inflammatory conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

So why is black elderberry the primary ingredient for our Daily Essential Women formula? Although black elderberry shares many of cranberry and bilberry’s health benefits, such as being anti-inflammatory and preventing dementia, its focus boosting and awakening effects make it the finest fit for this supplement. This way, you begin your day fully rested, sharp, and at your best.


Guarana is famous for its stimulating and metabolic regulation abilities, making it perfect for our Daily Essential Men supplements, giving you the upper hand as you begin your day.

Guarana is a celebrity brain stimulant, and in South American countries, it is often used in the same way that coffee is. Guarana provides you with more caffeine than coffee does. This superfood is widely used to boost energy levels, treat obesity, and improve concentration, memory, and libido.

Guarana is the ultimate morning power-up, as it improves alertness, cognition, memory, and mood. While red grapes are responsible for the recovery and quality of rest in our Nightly Reload Men, guarana wakes you up and is ready to get your day going.

Our supplements are created based on the specific requirements of your gender and to fit your natural body cycles. Each ingredient is handpicked to bring instant but lasting results with the highest possible bioavailability.

All our supplements are vegan and sourced ethically and organically to keep you and the planet healthy. Our swiss heritage allows us to see the relations and interactions inside and outside us and how our body functions as a whole. We are here to support your health where the modern lifestyle may come low, as your daily and nightly doses of well-being.

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